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About Angie

I am a resilient, approachable chic with a southern accent and a great big passion for helping others better their lives.  Being a Motivator, Facilitator, Problem Solver and Cheerleader for my clients, family and friends has always come naturally.  These innate traits along with years of work and study toward my personal pursuit of happiness are what led me to create Choose Your Vibe.

I have been a recruiter for many years and still enjoy helping people find meaningful work today.  My experience of guiding and advising thousands of people through rigorous processes has helped shape the way this workshop was developed.  There are clear and consistent steps that we will follow to help you identify new positive habits that work for you individually.

I am originally from Texas but moved to Atlanta in my late twenties where I worked my way through college and graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Marketing.  After a few years in sales, I chose to follow my family’s professional history in horticulture and spent 6 years building the first female-owned and operated ball & burlap tree farm in Texas. However, finding my dream life did not come without set-backs.  The perfect storm of challenges ended my time as a tree farmer and propelled my journey of reinventing my life and the way I make choices. Like many other people that lost their jobs, homes, families or businesses, I had to reinvent myself both professionally and personally after a spiral of life changing events.

In 2008 I made a decision to find a map to more happiness and a better version of me.  I was determined that the challenges I had encountered would not break me.  Therefore, I began taking classes, connecting with an amazing therapist and role models and became enthralled in learning how humans overcome negative situations and make choices to become happier.  I am excited to now be part of the Positive Psychology Movement and have the ability to share what I have learned and will continue to learn in the community with others.

Angie Chanel