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The Workshop in Panama City Beach, FL

It is a one day beachside workshop for women who want to learn new ways to add more positive emotions into their day-to-day lives. More Details

The Name

Choose Your Vibe is also a way of life and a way of thinking.  If we try, we are capable of making our own lives better than before.

The Reason

The mere desire to feel more positive emotions is not enough to make it happen.  We have to practice!  We have to try!  We have to make Positivity a Priority!

The Host

I am a resilient approachable chic with a southern accent and a great big passion for helping others better their lives.  Being a Motivator, Facilitator, Problem Solver and Cheerleader for my clients, family and friends has always come very naturally.  These innate traits along with 8 years of work and study toward my own personal pursuit of happiness are what led me to create Choose Your Vibe. Read Angie’s Bio

The Fun

This will be an uplifting, motivating course with no more than 12 people.  We will recharge, refocus and grow while overlooking the white sand and blue water.

The Omissions

*Our time together will not be spent on the negative things happening in our lives.  While everyone experiences unavoidable negative emotions in life, this course focuses on adding positive habits that will help us bounce back quicker when the bad stuff comes along.

*This is not a Yoga or Meditation class.  While we believe practicing both will lead to generating more positive emotions, we will only touch on the topic in our discussion.  During warm times of the year, we will offer optional light Yoga classes on the beach before the course starts.

The Gift

If you would like to learn ways to increase your happiness, give yourself a day to attend this beachside workshop.   It may be one of the kindest things you do for yourself this year.

Angie Chanel

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Cost – $125 per person